Group artist Residency Program

Our next group residency program will be February 2020

The program of the 2020 group residency will differ slightly. Please click here to read more.

During our group artist residencies, we invite ten international artists to take part in our group residencies. We welcome you to explore and work on your artistic expression in the peaceful and remote environment of the Westfjords, with the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from other artists. Our residency offers a casual DIY atmosphere, and we encourage each artist to come with an open mind and make the experience his- or her- own. Self-directed artists in all creative fields are encouraged to apply. Residency fees include the following:



A 160 square meter workshop space called the Harbour House is our main workspace facility. This space is split between two levels and includes different work and living areas. There is a big hang out area with movable walls and tables, chairs and a sofa, and the building has a bathroom and a small kitchen. The coffee house and the Blue Bank are also possibilities as workspace for artists. For working in The Blue Bank, participants have to get in contact with them directly and make their own agreements. In addition, various buildings in the village such as a community center and a gymnasium may be organized as possible workspaces upon request during the application process. Workspace is allocated according to individual needs once all the artists arrive. 

For a peek at some of the spaces, check out our gallery here.


We are available onsite to help with project practicalities in the village as needed. We encourage residents to collaborate on projects and engage with the community, as well as dive deeper into their own work.

We are happy to help residents to organize and promote a final exhibition if the group decides to hold one.

At the end of the ten day program, we ask you to contribute a digital artifact, such as a photograph, images of your work, a piece of writing, music, etc. to our collective blog



Our living spaces include private bedrooms in furnished houses around the village. All accommodations include bed linens, bath towels, shared bathroom and shower, laundry facilities, and shared kitchens with basic cookware. (Accommodation will be assigned before arrival).

Food and DINNERS

We provide coffee in the coffeehouse every morning or according to the wishes of the group. Nightly homemade group dinners are provided every evening. 


A high speed internet connection in all living and work spaces.

Cost and practicalities

Artists are given free reign in their artistic and creative pursuits, but must bring all materials and supplies needed for their work. 

Cost for February 2019 residency: 110.000 ISK

Residency fees include transportation between Reykjavík and Þingeyri . Artists are responsible for their own international transportation and we recommend that you arrive the day before and leave the day after the pick up and drop of in Reykjavik. We are situated in the remote Westfjords of Iceland, so make sure to read more about location and traveling to us here



Applications for the Self-guided Group Residency are now closed. Stay tuned for announcements about the next group residency dates and application.