In addition to our regular residency programs, we occasionally host guided or themed group residencies. The length, format, and theme of these residencies varies and is often a truly unique opportunity. These group residencies include accommodation around the village, access to our regular workspaces, as well as a specific theme or guided group activities, depending on the particular program. 

See our Group Residencies page for information about accommodation and work space.

Information on upcoming guided group residencies is below. If you are interested in organizing or leading a group residency at the Westfjords Residency feel free to contact us with a proposal.

Upcoming residencies:

Nature Calls

September 2018

Led by Laura Helen Winn

westfjords sheep

About the residency program

Listening to nature is not a skill that can be learned in books. It must be learned by feeling. Being present. From the wind through the trees to the first snow on the mountains, nature speaks in Thingeyri. All it asks is that you slow down, and get quiet enough to listen.

Calling all artists, videographers, writers, and scientists to Thingeyri for a 10-day group residency. Our shared goal is to explore and examine nature. Listen, and produce a piece of work in response. Your work can be done solo, or you may choose to collaborate with fellow artists at the residency. We will be creating our shared experience together – sharing meals, sharing studios, sharing exploration of the natural landscape surrounding Þingeyri, sharing whatever we bring to the table.

sunset westfjords

The center of all things is nature. We ourselves are nature, born of nature, and we have lost our wild. Perhaps we can find it again, together, in this place largely untouched by modern life. One of the reasons why Iceland, and the Westfjords in particular, is so special is because its nature has been largely preserved.

Culturally, Icelanders have such a deep connection to nature. There are all these stories about people saving Gullfoss from becoming a power plant years ago, on and on stories go about passionate care for and protection of the environment. Today, Iceland is doing a lot of development, tapping into their natural resources for profit. Finally, with all the tourists, Iceland is changing and will continue changing. How can we capture this moment in time? How can we preserve the unspoiled beauty of nature in this magical place that was left relatively undeveloped for so long?

Additionally, the residency will take place in a small community, where the effects of rapid social and environmental change have the potential to have dramatic effects. This setting provides an opportunity to think further about the complex issues around tourism, urbanization, resource use, and the value of people and communities maintaining a closeness with nature.

waterfall iceland

Nature is a true friend. How does the traditional storytelling of Iceland affect the way you see nature in Iceland, if at all? What does one make of the elves in the mountains? What does one make of the spirits in the rocks? What does that bring up for you? What can you make of that? How can you bring a little magic back? There is so much human disconnection from nature in so much of the world, and by contrast, that’s why Iceland is incredible for so many visitors - the ability to reconnect with nature and feel its magic.

And so what can we learn from Iceland? What can we learn from the silence in the valleys, the water, the birds, the fish, the cows, the horses, the air. The wind. Snow on the mountains. What does that bring up for us, and how can we translate it into a project?

About Laura

Laura Helen Winn is an artist and designer in San Francisco. She illustrates, draws, makes books, and shoots analog photography. Her work focuses on the beauty of life in all its forms, namely the mundane. Ordinary life can be the most beautiful thing you create. Spending time in nature with friends is one of her favorite things to do. She first came to the Westfjords Residency for an individual residency and is looking forward to returning to explore the natural environment in the Westfjords with her fellow artists.


Dates: September 15-26, 2018

Cost: 120.000 ISK

Cost includes:

  • accommodation (private bedrooms with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities)
  • access to a variety of workspaces
  • domestic transportation (between Reykjavík and Þingeyri)
  • dinner each night

Participants must all arrive and depart on the same day - you are expected to arrange your own international transportation. For more information on getting to the residency click here.


Since the prompt is for the work to largely be done in response to the environment, we ask for this in your application:

Tell us about yourself, and why you want to join the NATURE CALLS residency. What kind of work do you make? Why do you make it? What calls to you about this residency? What do you hope to contribute to the experience? What do you hope to take from the experience? Do you have a loosely structured or fully developed idea of what you would like to create in this place? From this place? Tell us about it. Tell us about you. Tell us as much as you can, and even the things you think you don’t know. We’re listening.

Applications due no later than May 31, 2018.