Wouter, Janne, Frosti & Friða

We seek to create encounters between nature and man, foreigner and local, the remote and the connected.

We are a Danish-Belgian couple who came to Thingeyri in 2005 and started rebuilding an old, historic house. We opened our coffeehouse called “Simbahöllin” in 2009 with the longterm goal of creating a cultural space in the Westfjords. The Westfjords Residency program is a big part of that vision. In the summer, apart from the coffeehouse, we also run a mountain bike and horse rental. During winter time (September-May) life slows down here at the edge of the world. The days get shorter and darker and the weather holds the village in its snowy grip. This period offers a unique opportunity to make art, breathe new ideas into the community, and share creative visions. 

Thingeyri and its surroundings make a great setting for creative pursuits; artists can work in nature, find inspiration in the people and culture, and in the solitude and remote atmosphere of the fjord- and mountain-scape.
We welcome all artistic expressions in our residency. In the past we have hosted creative people in various fields: photography, illustration, performance, dance, music, poetry etc. But a nuclear physicist or an ice climber is also welcome!

We offer three different residency opportunities: Group ResidenciesIndividual RetreatsCreative Volunteering