individual residency program

We are now accepting applications for individual residencies for autumn and winter.

The residency is open for individuals September 15th to May 10th (excluding the dates of our February group residency). To apply, contact us directly. Please provide the dates you plan to attend.

Individual residencies are fully self-organized and -driven. We are available onsite for any questions, but residents are responsible for their own food, transportation, and work schedule.


A 160 square meter workshop space called the Harbour House is our main facility. This space is split between two levels and includes different work and living areas. There is a big hang out area with movable walls and tables, chairs and a sofa, and the building has a bathroom and a small kitchen. If multiple artists do retreats at the same time, they will share the workspace. Workspace in the Harbour House is based on availability, please contact us if you have questions. It is also sometimes possible to work in the coffeehouse depending on the type of project. See more images in our gallery here.

Participants in the residency may also have access to workspace in the Blue Bank, subject to availability. It is up to participants to talk to the Blue Bank and make their own agreements. Read more about the Blue Bank here.

The blue house


The living spaces in our residency include private bedrooms in furnished houses in the village centre. All accommodations include bed linens, bath towels, and shared bathroom and shower, laundry facilities, and kitchens with basic cookware. Accommodation space is determined based on availability, please contact us if you have questions. 

Individual residents are fully independent to use their time as they want, and are responsible for their own meals, schedule, etc, but we are also available onsite if any questions arise.



 A high speed internet connection is available in all our accommodation and workspaces.

Cost and location

A one-month individual retreat in our residency costs 90.000 ISK

We are situated in the remote Westfjords of Iceland, so make sure to read more about location and how to get to us here.



To apply, we kindly ask you to email us with information about yourself and your project mentioning "Individual Retreats" in the subject line. It is helpful if you can provide a portfolio or examples of past work with your application. Email us at: