Our village, Thingeyri, has around 250 inhabitants and is situated at the edge of one of the many fjords in the Westfjords region. It is approximately 500 driving kilometers north of Reykjavik. The natural landscape of the ‘Westfjords Alps’ surrounding Thingeyri, as well as the village’s summer tourist attractions, results in an influx of tourists from June through August.



  • The village has a gas station which also funtions as a small convenience store offering basic food provisions, burgers, hot dogs and ice cream.
  • The nearest grocery stores (Bonus & Samkaup) are in Isafjordur, a 40 minute ride by car or public bus. 
  • Public busses run three times a day between Thingeyri and Isafjordur. 
  • Thingeyri has a public swimming pool, a sportshall, a kindergarden, a primary school, a black smith museum and more. Main services like shops, police, university and institutions are in Isafjordur.


The Westfjords, with all of their breathtaking scenery, are known for unpredictable weather conditions. It is good to consider September throughout May as winter months with potential bad weather. 
Be sure to be in contact with us about your traveling plans and check weather and road conditions before departure.
We stongly advice people not to drive to Thingeyri in severe winter conditions!



The fastest and easiest way to get to Thingeyri is by plane from Reykjavik to Isafjordur (45 minutes) Check out Iceland’s domestic airline: www.airiceland.com

Note: Domestic flights can be delayed or canceled and roads can be closed down. Please allow time (days) for connecting flights.



You can rent a car in Reykjavik and return it in Isafjordur, or find ride shares on carpooling websites. Driving from Reykjavik to Thingeyri is a 7-8 hours trip.

Note: During winter the south road leading pass Dynjandi is closed.

More Info: westfjordslocal.com