During my time at the Westfjords Residency, I investigated Thingeyri's awe inspiring landscape through idiosyncratic physical interactions: I wanted to learn of the land through the body. I was struck by how often the environment looks animal-like. Grass becomes the breathing fur of a large cat and mounds of kelp at low tide reminded me of Icelandic sea monsters. The blue of the near constant light filtered all of my experiences and is perhaps most visually evident in the work created between 11pm and 4am, which were some of my most productive hours throughout the residency. 

The time I spent in conversation with the residents and founders made a lasting impression. I discovered an exhilarating amount of like-minded yet fresh perspectives on shared interests that energetically shaped my thinking and has left me a bit speechless, deeply moved. When asked, "how was your residency in Iceland?" back home, I usually answer: beyond words.