My theme is how to identify the architecture by fundamental manipulation. In other words, my design method is a kind of translation and to extract a specific essence to define the value of contemporary architecture.  I also believe that architecture is a kind of medium that reflects the context, because a building is always engaging the specific site. After completing a basic survey and research, I developed a context in order to design the architecture. The context, in this case, contains local culture, topography, history, climate and so on. 

I would like to propose two projects for Thingeyri. The first project is an open-air platform including an observatory for the northern lights and workshop. Since there is an abandoned oil tank in Bakki, I use this existing local element in order to create a new value for the future. A large part is sunk into the ground so that a tank works as a windshield for observation, and a small part is lifted up by the local rocks as a roof. The second project is a tiny house for local tourism; it is also designed as a mobile house. This tiny house is designed as a tribute to the local fish-drying houses. Even though the footprint is only 2x6 meters, it contains two different characteristic layers—an extraverted lower floor and an introverted upper floor. These two projects are proposed to re-activate or re-evaluate a local potentiality of Thingeyri.